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If you are ready to become a client and want to enroll right away - Click the "Get Started" button up top!
You will receive your welcome email and Client agreement. You will not be charged until you receive and sign a client agreement.
Alternatively if you want to learn more or find out if you are a good candidate for our services , then you can schedule a free consultation using the button below.


We Dispute

We will work hard to challenge every item hurting your score and profile. We will create factual and compliance driven dispute letters and send them off to all major credit bureaus. We will review your credit report monthly for updates and improvements as they come!


Curate Your Credit Profile

The key to maximizing your credit score is to have positive trade lines reporting along with a balanced mix in types of tradeline. This is why we will help curate your credit profile by coordinating a plan to build the right account types and find that harmonious balance to keep your scores boosted.

Credit repair and credit monitoring goes hand in hand. We cannot effectively repair your credit without having access to true credit monitoring. We need to be able to view your report in real time and get alerts and score updates in real time within our client portal.

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Our Company

Credit Repair Unicorn is dedicated to assisting families and individuals with credit repair. We want you to know that we operate in an ethical and compliant manner.
We dispute inaccuracies and obsolete items causing damage to your score.
We will provide you all pertinent information about our services and fees before you sign an agreement.
You are entitled to a refund of your enrollment fee, if you tell us in writing within 5 business days from sign up, that you no longer wish to be a client.
We want you to know that you DO NOT need to use a credit repair company to repair your credit.
You will not be charged upfront for credit repair- only an enrollment fee into the program that guarantees your file will be created, and you will receive a full scale credit analysis .
Your first monthly payment of $89.99 for Credit Repair will not be charged until after we have submitted your first rounds of disputes to all credit bureaus .
This is usually 30 days after initial enrollment.
You can access your client portal 24/7 to see your progress in real time and we dispute multiple derogatory items to get you to the end of this process of credit repair.



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